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Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

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Ok this time around I will try and be more organized with my email! honestly in the past it's kind of been a mess!!! I'm going for categories:

Your Questions:
I haven't yet bought new shoes, but I think my shoes are actually in the secretaries house in Xalapa, and I'm going there tonight to work out some stuff for my Visa, so I'm going to verify before I go out spending money.
Elder Rojas and I are getting along well, I'm glad he's patient but he's also pretty nice because he's grateful that I'm already pretty solid in my Spanish. I have a hard time understanding at times, but for the most part I'm functional and at least usually helpful, so we get along. Sometimes I feel like he's a little too focused on the members, because even though this is good, whenever something falls through we go spend an hour or sometimes more with a member, sometimes sharing a message, sometimes not (the culture is kind of different here, they expect the missionaries to just chat and have some fun and get to know them, it's the only way to get references--of which we have soooo many we never contact strangers in the street virtually).  So sometimes if we're somewhere for too long and we don't do much that's constructive I get a little annoyed, but hey.
Spanish is easy psh. No haha I've really been blessed in that respect. I still have a hard time understanding a few things, but like I said above, the reality is there's just a few concepts that I have to work through and get stronger in, and every day it's a little bit easier. The biggest problem is I just have a hard time as a person talking and well I want to say placticando, but chatting would make more sense to you.
I'm not sure if I can get the pictures to work [they didn't], but if I do the weather will be self explanatory. For the most part, from here until December, Teziutlan is essentially either covered in fog or being rained on. My shoes finally failed me last night since the streets were virtually rivers, so the wet feet were basically inevitable. It's cold here, but I've got enough layers that I'm not about to die. [Taking] Showers in the morning are the worst though. It's like one little stream of water that's either freezing or boiling in a bathroom that is open to the elements...
I didn't get the card though I may get it when I get to Xalapa tonight!!! I'll have to take some pictures of the house to send to you, I don't have any right now!
Random Mexico Stuff:
I love that the big ticket items on my shopping list, like the expensive budget busting ones are bread, peanut butter, and frosted flakes. It's kind of hilarious.
Status of the Work:
The reality is that I'm happy pretty much all the time here because it's awesome, but we're really struggling right now and it's kind of discouraging. We just can't seem to get lessons to go through. We've got two investigators basically right now and for the lives of us can't get more people interested, find them to teach them, or keep them involved/get them going to church. We're working hard to keep some recent converts active as well, but it's been rough. We do have another baptism scheduled for this coming Friday, but it's the tail end of the process, I really only taught a few commandments. Her name is Angie and she was out of town for a few weeks but now wants to get baptized.
Leti got confirmed on Sunday! She works a lot so we don't see her that often but she's really great! I don't know if I said but I had to baptize her twice.  Anyway she's really great and related to some of our other converts!
Elder Wadman
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First Baptism

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