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Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014 #2

Okay, while my images attatch to the other email I'm going to send this one. I'm basically out of time. Here's what happened this week though, basically.

We went on splits visited like 15 inactives/investigators to get them to go to church, not including the ones we kind of knew were going because of their baptisms/the baptism of a family member. Two of them showed up. Yep, welcome to the mission Elder Wadman.

The place here is full of kittens and dogs that I'm not allowed to touch so that makes life hard.... They're all very nice! I was on splits when I took that picture.

We also had an interesting time playing Jenga at family home evening with some recent converts, if you lost a round you got a mustache... the girl there is names Luz, and we're going out with her tonight to contact some referrals, I think!!

Today we went way out and got to see a waterfall and be under it and stuff! Really I've got a lot of great pictures but this computer is pretty slow so I'm not going to worry about it right now and try and get some more to you next week.

...I also baptized someone on Sunday! Her name is Leidy (Let-ee) and she's the aunt of some recent converts. She's also good friends with some other recent converts. I really wish I had the picture but I'll have to steal them from Elder Rojas some other time!!!! It was a super exciting experience even though I only met her recently and didn't give her most of the lessons.

The reality is this is driving me insane. I feel like we're not very productive with our time a lot, and I have to somehow help Elder Rojas understand what timeliness means. I also am having a hard time because we leave early a lot and I don't get all my study time. All things that we're going to fix! Well I'm pretty much out of time but I love you guys and I'm hoping next week will be less crazy confusing and stressful!

Mexican kitties

Jenga losers

Behind the waterfall, Teziutlan

At the waterfall with Elder Rojas, Teziutlan

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