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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Monday, July 24, 2016

Hey Guys!!!

Good to hear there will still be a chance for me to work in the hot sun! I was going to miss that!

You may notice that I took some money out of the account we have set up... a couple of reasons. One, we are helping to cover a part of the cost for a couple that is going to get married.

And two.. 

I went to TAJIN!

Sorry there wasn't really a chance to ask permission from you guys. But its a world heritage site, and its in the one city of the mission I was never in. I got permission from the President to go and I figured it was worth a little extra spending. I took a ton of pictures haha!

We were working a lot this week, and not everything came out how we had hoped... there were 5 people on their way to getting baptized on the 7th, my last Sunday in the mission, but they didn't make it to church. Two of them still could get baptized before I go home though, if they can commit a little bit more seriously to attend church!

We had a baptism this week. I don't know if I mentioned that two of my converts and two other recent converts received the Melchizedek Priesthood a while back, but anyway, they were there too and are going strong.

​Ariana has been going to church for quite some time. Her mom can't get baptized because her husband has stopped listening to us and they aren't married. Her niece goes to church but can't get baptized either because her mom has only gone once thanks to the fact that she works on Sundays, and since she is only 11, she can't get baptized without her parents (new rule). But Ariana was excited to be able to be the first person in her family to take this step! She's changed a lot, and her family too!

Also... my missing tooth made its appearance...

​So that made for a weird experience last night. Thankfully my gum doesn't hurt any more...

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