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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Letter to Bishop Utsch 7-4-16

Bishop Utsch,

I'm doing great! I'm here in my fifth area. It's the only small branch that I've served in here in the mission, but the work is really fulfilling. The branch President lives in another ward about 2 hours away, so during the week, we're about all there is to help the members to learn and live the Gospel. I really, honestly love these people and I can´t even imagine having to get home and not being able to spend all day looking for people who are ready to accept the Gospel. 

These last few months have been challenging, it´s difficult to see that even with experience and hard work, things don't always come out the way that one hopes for the families that they teach. I'm happy and doing everything I can to serve these people, but it's definitely an uphill battle, and failure hurts a lot more when you know there isn't as much time to make up for it anymore.

Next fast Sunday is the day I have marked off to actually fast for myself, for guidance and help to set goals for the next stage of my life. Until then, I have work to do!!!

Thank you for the support and encouragement, I'm excited to see the ward family again!

Until then,

Elder Wadman

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