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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey guys!

Glad to hear things went well with the rocks! I had a white shirt and tie all ready to go out and work in the sun (I've gotten pretty used to the uniform), or maybe I could burn off some of my missionary tan lines and have an excuse to buy non-dress pants that are my size...

Haha I imagine that all of the weird animated animals with funny names that are on all of the bread products in the stores are probably from the movie that you guys saw.. that's about the only way I inform myself about the real world - ads on junk food... Not that I buy that.. I just see it...

But actually, because there is not money for junk food.

The reality that my mission is coming to an end finally starts to sink in :(. The couple that is getting married this week couldn't make it to church. They killed a pig to celebrate their wedding, but when they got up early to start it was raining and they couldn't get the fire started very early. That meant that they ran late and couldn't leave the thing half done and didn't go to church. They are still on track to get married and baptized, but the baptism will most likely be my first Sunday at home. It's sad to know that I won't be able to be there when they take this step, but I'm glad to know that with or without me they are ready to make a change in their lives, and that there is more than one family that I've been teaching that will likely be baptized in the weeks and months that come. What more can I ask for?

We worked like crazy, as always, and 5 people made it to church for the first time. What a great blessing.

On Thursday we sent 7 youth from Vega to a conference in Martinez. 2 are my converts, 2 are investigating the church, and 2 are recent converts, and 1 was the branch presidents son. They had a great experience, and stayed with the branch president the days of the conference since he lives in Martinez. We got a chance as missionaries to divide the 120 youth and take them to visit less active youth and invite them to the conference. I ended up visiting a family I had coincidentally visited in another mass visiting activity a few months back. We got her excited to go to the conference, and she said she would go, but only if she could bring her non-member cousin. The missionaries in the ward were excited about that...

Anyway, I'm feeling good, glad that I can be certain that I gave a great effort for all of these two years, and that I still have 6 days of work to do!

Love you guys, and see you soon! Not sure if I will get the chance to write this next week, but I'll do my best to get something out to you!

(Also.. 2 more little tooth pieces, even smaller this time, came out. my gum is a little bit worse for wear right now, so something tells me that there are going to be a couple of problems at the dentist. It seems to be healing but I've got a lot of tissue that has to grow back, so we're in that process.)

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