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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hola Familia!

Its been a great week! My rash is gone, so you can stop asking about it and worrying!

I failed to mention that two weeks ago, my first day in my new area, President Greer called me in the morning. He thanked me for the organization and dedication I had put forth in the offices. It was just a little detail, but I really felt like I had fulfilled a great goal that I had put for myself to make a mark in the offices and fix some of the problems. It means a lot when the Presidente of 160 missionaries, in charge of all the missionary efforts in 6 stakes takes the time to give you a call and thank you.

I also told President that I didn't want to leave this area before it becomes a ward. He promised me he would only pull me out if the Lord needed to put me in a leadership position. I guess now I will just hope that someone else can go be a zone leader so I can stick around here till they send me home!

So this is what happened on Sunday!!

Tavo, me, Elder Paredes, Lupe, Elder Howell (The missionary who got sick), Christina, Edith, Enrique, Lorena, Eva, Y Faustino. I didn't think things through, because to be a witness I had to get in the water too.. so after this I got soaked...
 One daughter couldn't come, so she is going to get baptized later and confirmed with the family the week after general conference. Did I mention that both of these couples just got married on Tuesday???

THE WEDDING!!! The second from the left is Tania, the other daughter who is going to get baptized. Also Lupe, the first guy on the left, and Lorena, the third from the left, are going to get married in August! (And sealed in April? Hoping so!)

It was kind of wavy... haha we got soaked even before the baptisms.

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