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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Monday April 18, 2016

Hey Guys!!!

Excited for Mothers Day! I always said when that last phone call got here, I would really feel like I had been in the mission for a long time. Still not really believing that it's almost here... I'm going to have to look for a place where they have a webcam.

Glad to hear that you survived tax season, Mom!

It's been an interesting week! We found a lot of new people that we've been teaching. There's a young man who has been going to church for a while who told the member who lives near him that he didn't want to listen anymore. We went and talked to him. He said that he wanted to keep taking his classes in the Catholic church and that he didn't want to go to church with us anymore. We asked him if he knew which church was true, and he said no, so we explained again how he could know for himself if what we were teaching came from God, and after listening he decided that he would pray. We agreed to go back two days later, but the brother who took us in his car couldn't take us. So we ended up walking 7 kilometers down the highway to the ranch, after getting lost in the wilderness for like an hour beforehand. Anyway, we got there and we asked him if he had prayed. He said that he had, that he had felt a special kind of joy, and had almost wanted to cry. He accepted a baptisimal date for the 24th.

And then he didn't come to church on Sunday because he says that he is going to finish his Catholic classes and he doesn't want to go anymore. So that was almost a great story but it sounds like he's still pretty confused. That's what happens with your Catholic family who doesn't go to church but hates the idea of you going somewhere else :(

A new family came to church on Sunday, and the mother of a member who is recovering from a surgery and has never listened to the missionaries, and a sister who we have been teaching who lost her daughter 3 months ago and wants to take her name to the temple. Unfortunately, the two families who got baptized 3 weeks ago couldn't make it to church AGAIN and only one of the 9 has been confirmed to date. The brother we baptized last week did get confirmed though. Yay!

Also we had interviews. President'e told me to have charity and not worry when I can't fulfill all of the needs of the branch, and Sister Greer talked to me about marriage. soo... anyway we'll get to that bridge some day..

Let me get some pictures up here..

AND it won't let me... sorry. I'll get this worked out at some point...

Love you guys anyway!!

Elder Wadman

Su Foto - Photos from Sister Greer

Zone Martinez (Vega) 

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