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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANGEL ACCEPTED THE GOSPEL!!!!

​Well I´m in a good Mood!!!!!

We got some other people to church.The biggest challenge we have is people who need to divorce from previous spouses so they can get married. This was a pretty good week though, we found some people who really want the gospel in their life, who really need some help. I´m learning a lot, finished the Book of Mormon for the 7th time, and I´m revamping my lesson plans looking forward to a 2nd year full of hard work and progress, and a lot more special people and moments. Hope you guys are happy at home, sounds like there´s a lot of work to do. Same here haha!!! Changes are in two weeks and We´re going to see Elder Christofferson in 8 days. I hope I can stick around here in my area a little longer!! It´s gonna be a wild ride!!! Love you guys!!

Elder Wadman

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