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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

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Ahh new cat! SOOO CUTE!!! [We sent Kevin pictures of a new kitten in our home] I wish I had a cat. That will be something to look forward to I guess! Glad to know you guys got home safe, and I just can't believe that Austin is already home! Is Ayrelyn thinking about a mission or is she already about to get married?

This week was great, but also kind of odd because we were gone so much.  With two mission conferences, one with half the mission and the other with everyone, I wasn't in my area that much. We got on a bus at 1 in the morning to go to Xalapa and got back home like ten o'clock the same day because we got to hear from Elder Piper and Elder Craig C. Christiansen of the Seventy [General Authorities for the Church]. They basically just took questions for an hour, but it was a really great experience and opened my eyes to some things, especially about how other missionaries think when they lose focus and stuff like that. They really are trying!

Were having a hard time getting people to church, what a surprise, and this week didn't really do such a great job getting people to commit to things. We've been teaching several families but they just don't have a lot of interest, and really just accept us out of courtesy and because we are very insistent. Hoping we can get some stuff going, and work more with the Spirit.

That's about it though!! Sorry the computer is being stupid about letting me send pictures, but I sent one with about half of the mission in it that has Elder Pino. Notice that I'm only in one of the pictures, the other one is the other half of the mission in Xalapa. 

Love you guys and wish you the best!!

Elder Wadman

[Kevin is peeking out from the middle of the second row of this first picture]

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