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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Looking forward to mothers day, ahh!!

I just got changes, so tomorrow I am headed to Tuxpan! Everyone is going to think I'm from their city, hahaha. 

My companion was dropped to junior companion and is going to stay here in Alamo under the district leader, working my old area and the area the other elders had, since there aren't enough missionaries to have 6 in the ward anymore. 

I had a super awesome experience though, with my last Baptism here in Alamo. Her name is Herlinda, and she believed in everything and had read a lot of the Book of Mormon but was afraid because even though her husband said she could do what she wanted, he and her mother were both against her baptism, and she was very nervous and afraid. After getting permission from President, we went ahead with the baptism, and afterwards she shared that the moment she came out of the water, she felt all of the weight go away, all of the worries go away. It was exactly the way that we had promised to her when we read from the scriptures and testified of the blessings of baptism. She knows it's true and wants to continue faithfully. The spirit was so strong as she shared her testimony, and she and the sister who invited us to teach her were both in tears. I was pretty close, to be honest. I felt like after all of the drama and problems, I had really done a good thing here in Alamo. 

Here's some photos. Looks like maybe you can't read the first one but its a thing that's announcing the largest glass of orange juice in the world that they're going to have here next week. I guess God didn't want me to be tempted to go take my picture with a glass of orange juice on Sunday!!

Love you guys!

Elder Wadman

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