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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Sorry I'm writing a day late, we saw a Seventy [a General Authority for the Church] yesterday so our P day [preparation day] got moved. Remember Elder Pino from conference? Well he talked to us for three hours yesterday! It was super amazing to see how well he really understood the scriptures. He'd just think of a lesson or something he wanted to explain, some obscure principle about growth or something, and just tell us some scripture reference to support it off the top of his head. Anyway I was also really appreciative of his wife, because she talked to us a lot about humility, and that we have to be here looking for the glory of God, not to prove to others or ourselves how righteous or diligent we are.

In other news, we had a baptism on Sunday, and her cousin is geared up and excited to get baptized in 3 weeks. She told us she already knows its true, because of how she feels from changing and talking to us. Anyway this lady is named Angelica, she's a single mom with two little girls, one of whom she's already planning to baptize next year!! Her cousin will hopefully be in a picture in a few weeks. Our other investigators that are progressing are also pretty cool. One is a 19 year old named Alejandra who is trying to stop drinking coffee, and the other is the daughter of an active sister, her name is Mara. She already pays tithing, is reading in Alma in the Book of Mormon, and knows it's true. We're still trying to get the father of the family excited, he goes to church every week but refuses to get baptized even though he feels that it's true. Everyone in their own time, right?

The other missionary there who baptized her is Elder Duran. He taught her before me and just got moved over to another branch so he did the Ordinance.
Ok, it's usually prettier because this was a foggy morning, but this is the view from my house!!!

​Anyway hope you guys have a great week! Love you!!!

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