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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

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Hey guys!

My week.. my week... well it was...

AWESOME!!! and then less awesome but still great. We worked like crazy people and dragged members with us wherever we went and really got some people excited about the gospel. We had a family that we taught in the doorway twice, who just didn't really want to let us in and just asked a ton of random Bible questions, but then we brought an old friend of theirs who is a member with us, sat down inside, and ended up right in the middle of their marriage problems. I think when they finally understood the magnitude of what we were promising, they really came to be more interested in whether the message is true or not, and accepted with animo [zest] their baptismal date. We also found a sister who was inactive for 30 YEARS, but has a 23 year old son with lupus who we started teaching. He's already talking about if he could potentially go on a mission. Unfortunately of the 19 people we were expecting in church (4 of the 23 decided they didn't want to listen to us anymore) only 2 came. We're going to get these people more excited though GAHH!!! We also baptized a girl this week who missionaries have been teaching since she was 9, and she is now 23. Talk about preparation. When we got here she already knew the Book of Mormon was true. Getting a testimony of the need for baptism was another story. Anyway her active member mother and grandparents were very excited. We'll see if her dad will follow!!!

She looks very tired because she is pregnant haha! We had to put her in a primary chair in the font so she didn't have to bend over so much!!!
Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Wadman

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