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Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

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Hey guys!!!

Today we made a gigantic lasagna and I am stuffed, but very content!

Basically we worked like crazy this week and then no one showed up to church, and Saturday we dropped like 5 people who weren't progressing. We're having a rough patch right now and although I really like Elder Pedrero, I annoy him a lot. We're trying to work that out. It's weird though, because there's only so much that I can do, the rest isn't really a matter of me. We've talked and I have a few things I can change that I didn't realize bothered him, but unfortunately a solid half of it is in his court, and I can't do anything to affect it. I think we'll get there though, and I'm really hoping we can get some things going. We're marrying a family this Saturday, but we can't get the nonmember husband baptized until he has some more assistances [attendances] at church, so that's likely going to be the 18th. We found some guy we thought was a member but isn't who speaks English and lived in the states for 27 years. We're sooo gonna baptize. He likes me just because I'm white. Haha.. that's a new idea. I get some flak for that sometimes. Not a ton to say though. It was a really hard week, but we didn't really accomplish a lot.. so meh.

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