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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

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Hey Guys!!

I've got good news and bad news! The good news is that

Gustavo got baptized!! He gave a really great testimony afterwards saying that he had been unfair to a certain missionary but that he was glad he had made this decision for himself, even though his family didn't come or approve (don't worry he's 18!). I really think that he'll flourish in the Church and stay active because he's really there because he wants to be, and no other reason.

Christmas we went out and gave videos to inactive families and taught a couple of lessons. We were supposed to give out 4, so we did 9, haha. It was a little hectic since we did it in between calls to the family, but it worked out! We got a family that was planning on putting off their wedding until February 14th when it was free to agree to get married next week, and have the husband committed to not drink anymore. He's really been applying what we said about studying and praying to overcome addiction. We're hoping to baptize him the 11th for the day that every missionary in the mission is supposed to baptize.

Sunday mornings are always a little bit rough because all of the people we think are going to come or are progressing cancel or have work or don't show up. That's where the bad news is. Nestor, a great investigator, had to fill in for a commitment for his grandma last minute and couldn't go to church, even though he had a baptismal date set for the afternoon. He goes back to school on the 5th though, so if he got baptized here when he has enough assistances [attendances] in the chapel, he couldn't get confirmed. As such, he's going to have to get baptized when he goes back to school in Mexico. It may be for the best, but it still is kind of upsetting for us. We're going to keep in touch with him though!!
Here's the orange statue!!

And today we went to a pyramid

I was glad to talk to you guys too! It's weird how same everything is there. Anyway, hope you have a great week! I've got to find some people to baptize!

Elder Wadman
Oh, also apparently the Xalapa Mission has a facebook page if you're interested.

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