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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

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Hey guys! Here the ground is always wet. Always. GOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!! [The University of Arizona basketball team]  That's awesome! We had a good testimony meeting too! Some of our converts weren't there but we had 6 investigators this week in church! Woohoo! I'm still getting cards from October, just to give you a reference point, but I'm sure your card will turn up eventually! I don't have your package yet either :(. I have permission to talk to you guys for an hour over Skype either the 24 or 25, so we'll have to work out some details this coming week.

Elder Rojas
Elder Rojas is a pretty cool guy! He finishes his mission in February, so he's about to start his last transfer. He's from the State of Mexico, in a place called Prados Aragon. He is a convert and about to turn 22, but he actually got baptized a day after me 10 years ago, February 29! How weird is that!! It's also really cool because his dad was an inactive member for years before he joined the church, and had left the family, but a few months ago he came back to the home and recently received the Melchizedek Priesthood! How cool is that! His brother also just told him that he's getting married in May, so things are a little crazy for Elder Rojas. He's been a great trainer and I've learned a lot, although some times have gone better than others. I'm grateful for his example and above all for his patience for the times that I try to teach with my own knowledge and forget to rely on the Lord to help me explain with clarity.

I got to baptize the convert of the Hermanas [Sister Missionaries] in our district because she really liked the gospel principles class I taught last week. WIN!

​Some familiar faces! Elder Abreu, who is from the Dominican Republic, was here a few months back and baptized the older daughter of this family. The father is a less active member. Elder Abreu is in our zone now and came back to do one of our baptisms, and Elder Rojas did the other! Woohoo saving souls!!!!

Remember the kids from last week? We got their father to church and we're hoping we can prepare him and his son for baptism in two weeks! Still wish we could talk to the mother, get her baptized, and get this family back together, but I don't know how much we can do right now. Hope springs eternal! Also the 10 year old, Evelyn, gives us a different hand-drawn card every time we go. So sweet. ​

Marriage Law
We were set to marry another family and baptize a girl this coming week, but the new marriage law says you can't get married until you're 18, even with consent of your parents. So she's going to have a baby before she's even allowed to be married, and her partner will continue to be an unworthy priesthood holder. Sad cats!!
Love, Elder Wadman

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