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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

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GOOO CATS!!! [University of Arizona]

Also, Ya me voy! [I'm already leaving!] Elder Rojas is going to stay here in Teziutlan to finish his mission (7 and a half months!!) And I'm headed to Poza Rica, a few hours outside of the city, in a place called Alamo. Really wasn't ready to leave but I'm excited for the heat after freezing here, and from what I hear I'm leaving an awesome area for an awesome area. My companion is named Elder Pedrera and he's from Chile, but I won't meet him until tomorrow night! I wasn't ready to say goodbye to all these people though! There's a good chance I can return to one of the nearby zones before I finish my mission though, so that should be pretty exciting.

I can't get my photos to you this week because I don't really know what happened to my cable; like, I'm going to look for it but if you could send me another one when you get the chance, if that's even possible, I'd be super grateful. I'll try and buy one here if I can't find mine but it's kind of weird to find things in Mexico because they just sell everything on the street.

Good to hear something about Jordan that isn't him being a monkey at school (that's all Hannah tells me), I'm glad to hear it. To give you an idea of what it's like here though, imagine that Jordan is the Young Men's President. Welcome to my ward. Haha, it's always an adventure.

We had some missionaries going home from our area this week. So strange that this Wednesday they're going to be with their families, getting ready for school and work and all that. I do have a couple of Elder Rojas's photos. We put up the bishop's Christmas tree this week because he broke his foot, so don't worry I still got the experience!

Ignore the fact that my face is now fat! I'm sitting at 71 kilos [156 lbs.], so at least I'm not getting fat TOO fast. I'm thinking I might just sweat it all out in my next area anyway haha!
When the Spanish translator was translating the conference talk about the sacrament, she started crying, you could hear it in her voice. It's kind of interesting in that respect because you're hearing it after someone listened to it. Oh I spoke in church this week! Apparently I talked for 20 minutes, maybe I'm more long winded in Spanish. It's something very strange though, that it really doesn't feel any different to give a talk in Spanish, if anything it was a little bit more comfortable. I also had to teach priesthood at the last minute, and the lesson was about the role of women in the church, so that was really weird for me...

Wishing you all the Best!

Elder Wadman

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