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Friday, January 30, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

GO MOM YOU DID YOUR VISITING TEACHING! I'm dying here because Alamo has 1000 members and like 160ish are active and none of them do their visiting teaching/home teaching. There's a reason it exists, and it's because I can't visit all of them!

I know I'm out here for a lot more than baptizing a bunch of people, but it's just rough when you have the promise of the President in your face telling you that it is possible to baptize someone every single week if you do everything that's necessary. I'm just working on the becoming capable of doing all that is necessary still.

We got a family married this last Tuesday and baptized the nonmember husband this Sunday. Everyone in the district baptized someone!!

Anyway we also got a few other people in church, including this awesome 11 year old named Edson who started reading the Book of Mormon, stayed for the baptism service, and thinks the church is awesome. He understands like everything we teach right off the bat its the coolest thing. Anyway in other news? Very sadly a big family we were working with just stopped cold progressing, lost interest and don't want to do any of our commitments, so we have to let them go and hope one day some other elders will be able to teach them again.

Hope everything keeps going well for you guys.

Elder Wadman

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