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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Good to hear from you guys!

Elder Pedrero and I are having a better time of it, although we're really getting bummed out by how often people are falling through after we start teaching them. Anyway, I knew Bishop Stewart would probably leave during my mission, but it's so strange that it already happened! He put so much work into that calling though, so I'm glad to know he can have a bit of a break. I have to admit, here in Mexico I haven't really seen that ¨spark.¨ The difference is either the people hate us because we aren't from their religion, are too busy or disinterested to let us talk to them, or are already part of the way down the road. At least in my limited experience, you see changes, but not a lot of massive revelations. The best thing though is when you see that a change has happened in perspective, when they're doing it because they know they have to, not because they trust you and think it's something good. That's been something special.

One other quick story. There is a member who recently got sealed in the temple who had to go against the will of her mother to be baptized at 18. Now, her little sister has an incredible testimony and always goes to church, took a year of seminary already, and is dying for us to baptize her. She can't though, because she's 17. She asked us to go over and talk to her mom because she felt bad about the fact that she had to lie to go to church and go work with the sister missionaries. Basically the mother told us that the church destroyed her family and it was something ugly that she didn't want to talk about. That was kind of saddening. Anyway, the next day she sent a message that she gave her mom the restoration pamphlet we told her to give and the situation is improving. So that was something really cool. We'll see if I get to stay long enough to see what happens!

Don't have any baptism pictures to share with you guys this week, although with luck next week I will!!!
But here are some unrelated photos!!!
Who owns it? Who knows????
Mom won't let her get baptized, but she can still make awesome goody bags!!!

2nd world probs.... Sometimes it's better to wait for the slightly nicer one at home...

Oh and I baptized a girl named Heidi for the sisters in the ward. I was chosen by the little girls in her family because I looked strong. Don't think they knew my name. This was our adventure filling the font the night before. we leave the water for months at a time and so we cleaned it last Saturday.

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