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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

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Hey guys!


The weather is weird. Sometimes it's nice, sometimes it's cold, usually it's wet. I have to de-mud my shoes like every morning. It's weird to hear scriptures in Spanish. I share 3rd Nefi [Nephi] 18:18 a lot, but it sounds a little different en Español. Prayer is a huge thing. The people who do it every day progress, given that they have interest, the people who don't, well they usually don't. We did have some more luck this week! We got 4 people to church! Although one of them was a little bit late..

Anyway, we're having a really good time of things, and learning how to work much more effectively. The problem is there is way to much to do every day and you can only even attempt to do it all if you did things right the day before. We have to contact a lot every day, but we can only do it if we got references the day before, and we have to teach and put a baptismal date with 2 people a day and then continue teaching them on a daily basis, but if we stop contacting we don't get the news we need, and if we don't ask for references or they don't want to give them, or none of the contacts are home or... etc. etc. I'm realizing a missionary who's actually successful actually has to be good at basically everything and I'm not good at most things so that's been rough... I'm just already looking at the deadline of going home wondering if when I get there I'll really feel like I did and became what I could.

In other news, even though they usually just say it, I'm actually in the best mission. We baptized more people last year than any other mission in Mexico. (and you can't compare us with Brazil because they have different rules). I don't want to get on a high horse and say we're the best and all that, just wanted to mention that I'm really blessed with a mission where people are ready to accept this gospel, although right now I feel like I haven't done all that I could have. That baptism every week goal is still pretty out of reach it seems, although we're getting closer.

I don't want to talk a lot about numbers, but since I'm just starting out I figure I'll let you know that my goal is to baptize 104 people here in Mexico, one for every week of my mission (although I'll finish my last change 3 weeks early because of how the transfers fall and I had 6 weeks in the MTC [Missionary Training Center] so technically I only have 95 weeks) and I have currently only baptized 7. I still think it's a goal worth shooting for, although I doubt I'll mention it anywhere other than in my journal if I make it. Let's hope I learn how to be a more effective missionary so I can really help some more people change and prepare themselves to make temple covenants (we baptize with the temple in mind). Time and effort will tell!!

I love you guys and wish you well! Sorry I don't have any photos with me!!

Elder Wadman

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