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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

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Hey Guys!

Things here are good! Elder Aguirre is adjusting to being a little more obedient, and we´re getting a long pretty well. My Christmas package came, but I haven´t investigated very thoroughly because all of the gifts are half opened and I'm going for at least a semblance of a surprise! While we were in divisions my companions talked to Erik [see earlier posts], but they couldn't go to church. Griselda has been out of town, but there's a really good sister who lives nearby who has been watching out for her. They aren't really progressing, so we've had to go look for other people that are more prepared.

You´ll have to remind me like thirty times about the talk [he's been asked to prepare for a sacrament meeting], but I´ll start thinking. That´s a big topic. Its played a huge role here in the mission. I´ll be sure to take some time. And keep applying it.

Sounds like Dads office is like the mission! Slowly but surely it´s growing again. there are 80 missionaries less than there were when I got here... guess that just means there´s more work to do! Glad to know the cats are doing okay.

Next Thanksgiving, at least, I´m hoping a few of us will be there to visit. I´m also super excited to talk to you guys in TWO WEEKS (Y CACHO).

I´m really trying to step things up, as we´re coming up on the third trimester of my mission, and I've got LOTS TO DO!! I just want to be able to get home knowing I gave everything to the Lord, and changed because of it. I don´t want to come home the same. What a waste.

​Elder Castañeda´s farewell with the family! The guy in glasses who isn't me is getting ready to get baptized, we just need to get him reading a little bit more!

And that was his birthday haha!
Loving the mission, trying to be better!

Love you all,

Elder Wadman

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