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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Working hard and having some success!! Looks like we´re going to have two baptisms this week, with several more in the works.
Elder Aguirre has been a bit of a test on my patience. He just likes to push my buttons a little bit, and if I ever tell him something directly he walks off and says he just avoids people when they get angry. Apparently that means I can't object to anything he says or thinks haha. I feel like I´ll learn a lot while I´m with him, although it won´t exactly be paradise. He´s still a good guy, just a little unfocused and very new in the mission. The offices have been a little bit crazy but things are getting worked out, slowly but surely. Good to know that Kate got home ok!
I don´t want to say too much either, because we get to talk this week, but we had some really great conferences this week so that´s been fun! President Greer talked to us  about being the 4th missionary, its a talk that a mission president gave about 13 years ago that is really, really awesome. It´s helped me see the progress I've been able to make as a missionary, and understand how some of the other missionaries that I work with feel.
Love you guys so much! See you on Friday!

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