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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hey you were right!  P day is Saturday this time around! 

Time is just flying by! In 6 changes, I´ll be home! Don´t worry I´m not thinking about it that much, but it´s crazy how much faster the months go by the second year. This week was a lot of fun! We´re teaching a christian woman who just happens to have a neighbor in the building over who went to her same church and had her same problems. It helps so much to have her there teaching with us. The first time we taught her, we just gave a brief overview of the first lesson. The next time around, when we brought the sister with us, I decided to start with the plan of salvation because it includes a lot of things that she obviously has never heard of before, and the spirit made me feel like I should teach it while we were praying. 

The first lesson we talked about the pre-existence, the creation, Adam and Eve, our purpose here on earth, and the atonement of Christ. She basically just spent the whole lesson saying it was things she had heard before, but finishing the lesson the sister we were with talked about her experience, and got Griselda excited about listening more. 

The next lesson we started with death and the Spirit World, and everything went crazy, because she realized that we were teaching things she had never heard before. She started explaining how her interpretation was different and things like that, and we respected her opinions, but testified of the truth, and that she could know for herself if she read the Book of Mormon and asked God. After that we showed her (very humbly) why her interpretation didn't agree with what the Bible said in the context of the passage. She still isn't super excited about going to church, but we definitely left her thinking. I think that´s what the mission is like for other people in other countries. Because usually here either they don´t want anything or they basically baptize themselves because they´re looking for the truth.

Anyway, having a great time here, and glad to hear from you guys!

Elder Wadman

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