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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

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Hey guys!

WOW! Looks like you've done a lot of work at the house!! [We have been redoing the yard] And you didn't even have to bring in the deacons quorum? [From church] 

I liked what you said about the primary questions, it's really very true. [The four primary questions are 1. Is there a God who is our Father? 2. Is Jesus the Son of God and our Savior? 3. Is Joseph Smith a prophet of God who laid the foundation for the restoration? and 4. Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the church of God restored to the earth?]   In [the] preach my gospel [manual] it explains that all of the doubts the people have come down to the Book of Mormon. You'll notice that in the last paragraph of the introduction to the Book of Mormon directly applies to three of those four questions, and the first one about God is really the fundamental idea, even though it isn't specifically addressed.

This week went alright. Erik didn't go to church, in fact we didn't see him all week, so that was kind of a downer. We did get Willie, the son of Willie, to go to church for the first time, and the daughter of another less active member started going. Several missionaries went home this week for some poor choices they made, among them my less than favorite companion from Alamo. Sounds like some more are going to be on their way out this week. The rough part is they generally pass their last night in my house, which makes for a less than pleasant evening usually.

Anyway here are some pictures!!

​We had two more uninvited guests!!!!

​Here's the offices once you walk in the door.

​And there's going upstairs to where I work. I guess I should probably take a picture of upstairs for next week. The board on the wall has the pictures of all the missionaries, and as of today.. I´m in the top row with the oldest missionaries! gAHHHH WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!

​I was too lazy to take a picture from outside, but maybe someday!!!
Lots of Love,

Elder Wadman

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