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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

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Hey Guys!!!

We´re having quite a bit of rain here too!!! Too bad the people don´t let us into their houses regardless, haha! 

This Sunday we had some miracles. A youth who lives in our ward [church unit] has been going to church with his dad in another ward for the past couple of weeks, and we just started teaching him, so he could get baptized a few weeks from now! 

We also had a family of four who came to church. What a story! 

We were going to a conference at church and I taught the taxi driver about the gospel while we were on our way. He said he knew some people who had really changed after starting to go to church, and that he had gone to a few different christian churches. He decided he wanted to go to church that Sunday, but we couldn't get an appointment with him and he didn't show. The next week we contacted a neighbor of a very helpful member. Her name was Ayare and she told us we could pass by Friday at 7. We pass by Friday at 7 and the TAXISTA [cabbie] comes out, super happy to see us!! They couldn't attend with us because his wife had surgery and was a little weak, and then Sunday they had to leave suddenly for Veracruz. 

The next week we passed by and they still didn't let us in, but assured us they would be there on Sunday early so we could teach them first. When they didn't arrive we had basically given up, but went to the appointment we had scheduled the week previous. We found out that Ayare had just lost her mother on Saturday, and they didn't go to church for the same. Still wouldn't let us in the house but we taught about the Book of Mormon in the street and left him a copy. Erik, the dad, Ayare, and their two sons came to church on Sunday and LOVED IT!!!! Erik was bouncing off the walls and gave us both hugs!! It´s still a challenge to find them during the week but they are very excited to keep coming! The next challenge is getting them to read the Book of Mormon, and setting a baptismal date. 

And then comes the question... What if I had been to tired to teach the Taxi Driver?

Lots of Love,

Elder Wadman 

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