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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

[Note: items in blue brackets have been added for clarification]

Haha, I think one time they taught us the same painting in Elementary school! [referring to a painting Susan made at work] Anyway looks like you guys are having some fun and keeping busy. This week was rough, it was very rainy Sunday and none of our investigators went to church. We'll see what we can get going for this coming week though. Everyone just tells me to not get overly stressed about it. Not much else to report though! Glad to know that things are going well. Just doing what I can out here, trying to get better at it, all that. Hopefully next week I'll have some good news to report!

Also I know it doesn't or shouldn't matter that much, but this is the first month of my mission that we haven't baptized anyone :(. But onward and upward we go, no?

Lots of love,

Elder Wadman

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