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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Monday, March 7. 2016

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This week we had stake conference so we aren't going to fast until next week, but it was pretty cool! A [member of the quorum of] seventy came to visit Xalapa, and he stopped by and visited my convert, Alejandra, Saturday morning. They were very impressed with how excited she was and that she was already sharing the gospel with her friends. The Seventy told her that she would bring hundreds of people into the church. In fact we've already taught about 5 people with her! we´re going to teach her dad in about an hour, and her brother is the father of the boy Aquiles that we baptized like 4 weeks ago, and he´s decided to get all the paperwork for his marriage done and then start going to church!

The sad part is that I won´t be around to see most of it...

My replacement gets here tomorrow. Ill be here for a few weeks to show him the ropes, and then its on to new territory... Sad moments!

Xalapa Conference de Zona

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