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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016

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In other news, I talked to the President's Wife, and am now taking some medication [for a rash]. Don't know if it is really curing me but at least the itch is a lot less so that's nice. It's so exciting to see the [Tucson] temple going up!

My convert in Alamo and his wife wanted me to go to the temple with them because they are getting sealed on the 12th of March, but since they live on the north end of the mission, they go to the temple that is in Tampico, and I only have permission to leave the mission to go to the temple with my converts if I can get there in 2 hours, which would only be in the temple in Veracruz since I'm here in Xalapa. So... looks like I won´t be able to go, and I'm pretty super bummed about it. Anyway, outside of that, Saturday the Ward here celebrated it´s birthday too! Barrio Natura just turned one! There was a big celebration and I got some investigators to go, so we got a chance to eat some food. It made me super happy that I got phone calls all day from missionaries and some of my converts wishing me a happy birthday. I think a heck of a lot more people know about it here than they did back home!

The office Senior couple bought me a new leather bag and are going to take us out to eat today! Yay!!

This week was a lot of fun, and we have been working a lot on talking to EVERYONE! A new convert's boyfriend finally started coming to church! We invite him pretty much every day when we stop by her little candy stand in front of one of the major colonies we work in, and he went to the ward activity and to church. He´s a christian, but a lot of churches have been pretty bad with him, they baptized him while he was drunk, stuff like that.

Love you guys and hope everything stays calm there in Tucson!

Elder Wadman

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