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Monday, February 15, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hey Guys!

Here's from last week!

And here's from this week!

Here's a little look at Xalapa!

​Sometimes it gets very foggy...
This is about 40 minutes out from Xalapa.​
I had some other pictures of landscapes but I think they got erased. I´ll have to take some more.

This week was alright. Truth is we didn't accomplish very much and I feel kind of crappy about it..

Rough patches are good though, it means I have to learn something and work harder. Changes are this week and I of course am staying where I am, but it´s a ton of work as always putting together the changes and the schedules and all that nonsense.

Three days ago I was 6 months away from going home. I HAVE TO BE BETTER! I HAVE TO WORK HARDER!

Just freaking out a little bit it´s fine. Lots to do, and soooo little time to do it every day.

Love you guys a ton! Keep at it with all that hard work, and I´ll keep at it over here!!!

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