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Friday, February 12, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

[Note: items in blue brackets have been added for clarification]

Hey guys!!!

Sorry you´re having computer problems [at work] Dad! I mean if you want you can take up programming on Saturdays and update things!

Mom, I really hope things work out and your belly can feel better. Glad to hear you are enjoying your tax returns, can't believe it´s going to be April again! 

This is the last week of changes, so on Saturday I´ll be writing again. This next change will be 7 weeks long, so I´ll be in the offices at least until the 4th of April. I guess that's okay with me haha!!

Just a heads up, there is a Sister who was going to get here next week who is still waiting on her visa, and was reassigned to the Tucson Arizona Mission. So if you run into a Sister Zuniga tell her hi from the Xalapa Mission!

Aquiles got baptized on Sunday!

And Wednesday the ex- daughter in law of a member of the ward is getting baptized.

Aquiles' dad isn't a member, and we're getting him excited to start listening. It helps that we've been teaching his sister, and she might get baptized in a few weeks! It's really fun seeing the family slowly work its way back into activity in the church, and the impact it has on the people who aren't members.

Anyway, I love you guys and I've got a ton of work! Also I heard Kate got a job in New York! At least She'll be close by when I get home! We can go to the temple on weekends!!!!

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