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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

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Hi guys

Sorry to hear it's been kind of rough these last few weeks Dad, I know what that can be like. Glad to hear that you're still happy at work Mom, and that you're doing your visiting teaching, I'm sure you'll be a prima ballerina again in a few more weeks. Poor Wilson, hope he can recover [Aunt's dog was attacked by coyotes]. Just explain to him that God gives us all trials so that we can learn and grow, haha. That poor grapefruit tree, it's like a part of my childhood that's dying. Side note, the exclamation mark on this keyboard doesn't work, and I'm realizing that I always use a ton of those, haha.

Changes came in last night, and..... I'm going to be with my fourth different companion here in Tuxpan. Halfway through his training they're stealing Elder Hernandez from me. Sometime tomorrow Elder Soto will be arriving here, and I'll be with him for the next 6 weeks. That will put me at 6 months here in Tuxpan and at that point it's basically a rule that they'll change me to another area. I'm going to miss Elder Hernandez, but I'm glad I'm going to have the opportunity to keep working here in Tuxpan a little bit longer.

I've been thinking a lot about what I can do to be a more consecrated missionary, to be 100% committed to doing what the Lord wants, every hour of every day. It's a tall order, but it's what I want. That's a start, right?

Oh, and assuming there wasn't a clerical error again, I'm going to be the district leader this change. Woo paperwork and phone calls, haha.

I'd send you guys some videos, we had a ward talent night this week and I sang with my companion, I bought a ukulele a while back with some American dollars I changed for pesos and we sang A Child's Prayer in Spanish and English. I can't really play anymore and my companion can't really sing, but we got through it, haha. Guess you'll just have to see it with the rest of my videos when I get home.

Love you guys, And take care,

Elder Wadman

Elder Christofferson

Trails in Tuxpan

​So This is me celebrating my year in the mission... I bought spicy popcorn and filled the bag with extra spicy salsa and ate all of it by myself.....


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