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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

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Hey Guys!

Glad to hear that you all got back home ok! We got lots of rain out here!! The money also got here a little bit late, -see photo-

We've been working hard and trying to get everything to run smoothly. We have a poor sister who has been trying forever to get to church. Her husband and her were headed to church and dropped their son off with their mother in law - hes young and they didn't want to bring him this time, and he fell down and cracked his head open! Hoping that things will FINALLY work out for them this week! We had some other people come to church who are progressing really well, but we're having a really rough time helping the fathers of the family to get excited about going to church, that's been the biggest challenge, since they generally have to get married and if the husband stays home he starts to get annoyed that his wife isn't making him lunch instead of being at church. Ay vamos... [Oh us]

We also activated a single mom and her brother! She's been to church for the last three weeks now. I attached a little photo when we stopped by and it turned out to be her sons birthday.

Don't worry-- we definitely taught her sister the restoration in the middle of the birthday party. She had felt bad for telling us to not visit her family when we went- her husband and in laws are Pentecostal and don't want to know anything about us, but she had lots of questions. Maybe someday things will work out so that the family can learn about the restored gospel.

Anyway, can't believe I actually have to be doing paperwork for Princeton now! Seems like a lot of stuff. Also, I said that I wanted 235 meals for the semester because I mean outside of cereal I'm pretty lazy when it comes to making food..

Lots of love,

Elder Wadman

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