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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hi Family!!

I had a good week this week, even though our baptism fell though. He just didn't show up... but we´re going to get everything organized for this week I think. And the sister that we were/are going to baptize this week has disappeared.. hoping we can get that worked out too...
Outside of that, my companion and I are getting along better. I got really mad at him on Tuesday and since then we've had to work things out a little bit, and also it helps that the President said that he needed to repent or he'd get kicked out of the offices. So now we´re good. We've put a goal to baptize every week of the next change, and our plan is talk to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE PASS IN THE STREET all day while we´re going from place to place. It feels kind of like the best two years, but it´s a lot more productive than just walking for 15 minutes without getting anything done between your appointments.

There´s a worldwide missionary conference on the 20th, so that will probably be super amazing!!

Anyway, today we played touch football and I remembered how terrible I am in all of the sports ever... good thing I got into a decent school haha!

The baptism pictures from last week are here from the mission announcements.


Josue Manuel

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