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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monday, January 10, 2015

[Note: items in blue brackets have been added for clarification]

I sent the email! [advising school he plans to enroll this fall semester following his deferment] I don't want to get kicked out of Princeton!!!!

This week was pretty fun! I'm still lame and don´t have my pictures with me, but look in the attachment!! [which he forgot to attach] Anybody familiar?? That's the son of the family we baptized a while ago, and a cool psychologist! This week went pretty well, and President is all over my companion's case for being kind of poopy, so now he´s getting excited about working harder and doing important things like READING THE BOOK OF MORMON.

Thank you guys so much for looking out for me and keeping me in the loop. We have a lot of people who are excited about the gospel, who are making their own choices and making efforts to change their lives. We also have been teaching many people who aren´t ready to make those decisions. :(.

Also, I spent 1000 pesos on three pairs of pants, because I didn't have any pants... well I had 2 pair. But that's not that bad I don't think! Thats like 60 dollars for my pants! But it does mean I will probably be taking 60 dollars out of my account because my reserve has been dying from taking taxis to save time in my area... I'll be a little bit more ahorrative [thrifty] in the future. But thanks for the pants!!!

Glad to know you guys are out there learning more things! I'm working on that too.

Lots of love and prayers from me,

Elder Wadman

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